When Minneapolis area IT consultant, Jerry Barkley, buys a box of cereal at a local Bullseye store and pays for it with a credit card, he becomes one of forty million credit card fraud victims.  But, unlike most other victims, Jerry finds himself in a position to do something about it.  The Russian crooks who stole all those credit card numbers will regret tangling with the wrong victim by the time Jerry and his team get done.

Bullseye Breach is a cyber-security educational book, disguised as fiction. Enjoy the fiction and learn how security breaches unfold at your business and what you can do about them.

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Virus Bomb (Coming soon)

When Jerry Barkley’s phone rings one Saturday morning, it sounds like yet another virus-infested PC gumming up yet another Internet connection from yet another customer with yet another critical deadline, who blew off Jerry’s warnings. Except this time, as Jerry triages, he realizes this one really is a cyber-attack. As Jerry struggles over the next few days to convince his customer that she’s an unwitting participant in something big and bad, a truck loaded with industrial explosives destroys a mine, killing 30 people, and leaving a cyber trail back to Jerry’s customer—who still refuses to believe somebody hijacked her company’s computer systems to help pull this off.

Jerry learns the cyberattack is just the intelligence gathering phase. Iran wants to plunge the great Satan into war with the wrong enemy, first by framing Shiite Iran’s sworn enemy, Sunni ISIS, for multiple bombings, and then by starting an Ebola outbreak in the United States, making it look like the work of ISIS terrorists.

Up against willful ignorance and a hostile FBI bureaucracy, and armed with nothing but IT skills and quick wits, Jerry must leave his keyboard comfort zone and go face to face with elite Iranian agents to stop the attack. Hundreds have already died in bombings. Failure now means thousands more will die, first from Ebola, and then from war with the wrong enemy.

I’m not Worthless

A coming-of-age true story.