Virus Bomb (Coming May 21, 2019)

What would happen if a nation-state really did launch a serious cyberattack against the United States, perhaps as part of something larger?

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Jerry Barkley is bidding on the project of a lifetime, to build and operate an IT network connecting a new North American alliance of regional freight carriers. This deal could finally earn respect for his one-person company and financial security for his family. Until an old acquaintance steals the business with FUD–Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

Jerry is a survivor, and soon another opportunity comes up to save a customer in distress. This time, it’s an unwitting player in a cyber-attack against the same North American freight industry that rejected his solution earlier. But this attack is more than an annoyance to shut down systems across the country for a few days while IT Departments restore everything. This time, somebody is stealing detailed freight delivery information on a massive scale. Unfortunately, Jerry’s customer is in denial and nobody realizes they’re being robbed. And then it gets worse when Jerry discovers the attackers are using all this data to plan a series of bombings and a biological attack, and the FBI suspects he’s the attacker.

Jerry never worked for the government. He knows nothing about International espionage. He’s just an IT contractor from Minnesota. But hundreds have already died in bombings. Thousands more could die, first from Ebola, and then potentially from war with the wrong enemy. If he doesn’t take action, who will? Up against willful ignorance, a hostile law-enforcement bureaucracy, and armed with nothing but IT skills and quick wits, Jerry must leave his keyboard comfort zone and go face to face with elite foreign agents and shut this attack down.